Underworld Extractions

The Session

I first begin with an Illumination Process in order to identify the compromised chakra; the stone I place on top of the chakra remains there throughout the session. With the use of a rattle or drumming CD, I journey to the psychic realm of my client and with permission to enter, I visit the parts of his psyche that contain the wounds held throughout generations. I may also visit those parts of his soul that were fragmented and my power animal directs me to the different chambers of my client's psyche that need to be visited for healing.

Some chambers may contain very heavy energy; with the use of my crystal I clear the psychic debris contained there. This has the powerful effect of clearing generational imprints that may have been stored there for years. I may also encounter deceased family members who inform me of the contract that was passed on due to a specific event that happened. I may hear it or see it in my inner vision. If it is time to erase the contract, I ask for permission in the spirit realm to do so. Once I return from my journey, I ask my client for feedback and together we re-write a new contract which will be energetically blown into my client 's chakra along with new gifts of empowerment.

During an Underworld Extraction, it is not only the client who receives the healing, but rather a whole generation that is now healed from a binding contract. Shamanic healing happens not only in the present, but in the past and future as well. Indeed, it is also about healing future generations as well.

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