About Cattleya

Cathyria Finet

Cattleya has been trained at the Four Winds Society in the Healing Light Body Program, which focusses on the shamanic healing approaches of the Q'ero (Peruvian Inca) tradition. She has also spent time in the Peruvian Amazon with local shamans which has allowed her to deepen her experience with plant spirit medicine. She is a Full Mesa Carrier in the Inca Tradition. The Mesa is her personal sacred altar that contains her power objects received during her own journey of initiation and healing. During this initiation to becoming a Full Mesa Carrier, Cattleya has received the sacred rites of passage. Known as the Munay-Ki rites, these are powerful energetic transmissions passed on from the Q'ero tradition which connect the individual to lineages of wisdom keepers and spirit allies that work with and through her.

Cattleya has developed a passion for energy healing over the past decade and has studied the fundamentals of Ayurvedic Medicine, psychic properties of essential oils, reflexology and iridology. Shamanism felt like a natural calling that she responded to and which has enabled her to bring her passion for healing the body, mind and spirit to a new level. She works with the highest level of integrity, compassion and understanding.

Cattleya is also a Level II Reiki practitioner and has also received the Aka Dua Level II Transmissions from the ancient Toltec tradition. Along with having received the Munay-Ki rites throughout her shamanic training, she combines these powerful energy transmissions in her healing sessions through her hands and intention. The healing power becomes greatly amplified as a result. Even clients not typically sensitive to energy work have reported tremendous effects.

Cattleya offers monthly workshops on topics that combine personal and shamanic healing. Workshops are held over a day and integrate both theory and practice.

Cattleya is also a certified Moon Mother and offers Womb Blessings and Womb Healings as part of her healing practice and for private groups for women. 

Cattleya has been a student of the Pneuma Transpersonal Institute for the last few years, a school that offers both psychological and spiritual tools to understand the origin and liberation of suffering and diseases. These mystical teachings are incorporated in Cattleya’s workshops and private practice. She will complete her professional certification as a transpersonal counsellor in the beginning of 2021.

Cattleya is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese and holds a MSc. In Rural Planning and Development from the University of Guelph (Ontario). She has travelled extensively in dozens of countries and has spent years living in Brazil, Europe and Thailand. These experiences have shaped the quality of her practice and sensitivity to inter-personal relations. She is herself a product of two very different cultures, being of both Thai and Belgian descent.

She has a son, Matéo, who is in his twenties.