"I have been consulting Cattleya for a little over a year, on a bimonthly basis. It has done wonders to my health and my vitality. I have gone from suffering from major depression to being a pretty happy person in about a year. I have been able to heal from issues that were had been keeping me back for about two decades.

What is magical is that my own healing has had an immense effect on the healing of my loved ones: as my vibration is raised with Cattleya’s help, so is my husband’s, my children’s and, parents’ and anyone I come into contact with.

Each session was different, and Cattleya was always very open to how I felt and how deep I was willing to work. She is an extremely compassionate and sensitive healer, it is a true blessing to have someone of her talent in Montreal."

"My healing sessions with Cattleya have been deeply transformative and essential to my own personal  development. With her loving guidance and wisdom, I have seen myself break through barriers that were  hindering my growth for a very long time. She is a beautiful teacher and very gifted healer."

"Cattleya, you have a gift, the gift to guide a spirit ; you helped guide my spirit towards a guiding light, a light that provided answers, one that helped improve my perspective on my very own existence, one that helped me blossom into a person that I would have never imagined becoming. Inspired, revitalized, refreshed, intuitive, clear minded, tranquil and prepared to live at my fullest potential… Thank you Cattleya for guiding me onto this path."

"Thank you for helping me to access my higher self through your healing methods. You have brought a new perspective which has allowed me to be more effective in all areas of my life."