Other activities

Cattleya offers monthly workshops on topics that combine personal and shamanic healing. Workshops are held over half a day and integrate both theory and practice.

Anne Paré

Also, Cattleya offers every month sacred cacao ceremonies. An opportunity to experience a journey into the realm of cacao as a spirit and plant teacher. You will be offered a cacao elixir made from unprocessed, raw organic cacao paste (made from the crushed raw cacao bean) originating from Ecuador and combined with other herbs for enhanced taste and increased synergy between the active compounds.

During this sacred ceremony, participants will be guided into a shamanic journey into the heart space and emotional body, through the use of various sacred sounds, music, and guided meditation.

Throughout time, cacao has been celebrated as a Food of the Gods (and Goddesses:). It is believed that the spirit of cacao has the power to unlock the secrets of the soul, producing subtle, yet lasting effects in opening the pathways of the heart.

Testimonial from former participant in a Sacred Cacao Ceremony :
"Thank you, Cattleya for creating the safe and loving space for us to set our intentions and to then, willingly choose to open and surrender to what would be, for me, an incredibly profound experience. The shamanic journey into our heart space and emotional body that Cattleya led us though, helped me to quickly identify a deep young wound within and to see it with compassion. The journey also permitted me to see, in a new way, the subconscious "contract" that I had made with myself, long ago, to protect myself from feeling the deep pain associated with this wound. Guided by Cattleya's skill in leading shamanic journeys, her knowledge of the gifts of the cacao plant, and her approach infused with love and heartfelt care, I saw glimpses of my higher self. With this seeing, I received the gift of a deep knowing of what I am now (as of today!) changing, so as to release myself from that "contract" that no longer serves me. I am deeply grateful to you Cattleya for having held the heartfelt and safe space where I could then willingly open and surrender to receive the gifts of the Sacred Shamanic Cacao Ceremony." - Tiffany

wombmotherpicCattleya is also a certified Moon Mother and offers Womb Blessings and Womb Healings as part of her healing practice and for private groups for women.

An authorized 'Moon Mother' is a woman who has taken the certificated Womb Blessing Training workshop with Miranda Gray (internationally-acclaimed author of Red Moon) and is part of the worldwide Womb Blessing family originated by Miranda.

A Womb Blessing is a beautiful and powerful way to accept and honor your femininity and to bring transformational healing to your womb and female energies and soul. It releases blocked emotions and patterns and awakens and strengthens the presence of the Divine Feminine. It helps you to accept Love and celebrate and enjoy all the beauty, strength, wisdom and creativity we have as women.

A Womb Healing is a gentle supportive way to awaken and revitalise your Womb centre and its female archetypal energies and bring self-empowerment, self-confidence and well-being. It also helps integration of the Womb Blessing energy and experiences.

Testimonials from women having received a Womb Blessing and Healing :
"I have so much gratitude for the attunement you gifted me with today. It is completely life changing." - Anna L.

"I attended “Healing the Sacred Womb” 4 days after having suffered an induced miscarriage after my first baby's heart had sadly stopped beating. As one might imagine, this workshop could have been fraught by anguish and sorrow. Instead, I took Cattleya's instructions to heart - and that made all the difference. She invited us to listen to what our womb wanted to teach us. And so I did. What arose for me was healing on a deeply profound level and I left the workshop feeling a sense of love, support and renewed faith. As hard as it may be to believe, I crossed the threshold from grief to gratitude that night." - A.T.N

Cattleya regularly offers workshops each month for women in order to understand and to liberate feminine wounds at the collective level. This work incorporates both theory and practice. Emphasis is placed on understanding and working with the concept of our inner shadows.

Cattleya also offers workshops for the general public (like the cacao ceremonies) and themes include: Soul Retrieval, The Inca Medicine Wheel, From Karma to Dharma, Shamanic Power.

To receive more information on these events, please write to cattleya@mysticportals.net in order to receive the monthly newsletter of events. Looking forward to seeing you there!