Sessions Fees

Sessions typically last about one and a half hour- sometimes up to 2 hours.
The cost of a session is 120$ (payable in cash, cheque or by e-transfer).
A session can include one or two shamanic healing approaches chosen by the client. The Illumination Process is always performed during the first visit.
Sessions are conducted in my home, in Rosemont (Montreal). I am perfectly fluent in both English and French and can conduct sessions in both languages.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

• Can a shamanic healing session help with any kind of illness?

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Yes. However, I do not diagnose medical conditions. A shamanic healing sessions aims to restore our deeper connection to the language the body is sending us. During a session you will be encouraged to go deeper within yourself and uncover the emotions that you may have buried within and that are creating toxins in your physical body. Finally you will have an opportunity to connect with the part of you that knows exactly what it needs in order to live in health and harmony.

Our bodies are comprised of cells that have their own intelligence and know how to maintain an optimal state of health when we are healthy on a mental/emotional and spritual level.

Being mentally/emotionally healthy implies that we naturally strive to being balanced and confident in all situations in our life- be they at work, family or with our partner. We feel strong and generally have a positive outlook on life. Spritual health means having a strong sense of purpose and connection to our life force. We know why we are here and what our mission is.

When these aspects are out of balance, the physical body is affected. So just as our bodies can create health, it is also able to create disease. Illnesses are simply energies that have solidified physically; they are messages that the body is sending to make a change in our life.

• How fast are the results?

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This depends on you. During a session I will remove blockages, intrusions, karmic ties energetically. This will allow you to feel in what way these energies were holding you back in certain areas of your life. You will see the bigger picture of who you are more clearly and understand what needs to be changed. We will work on ensuring that you do not re-create the same thought-patterns and emotions that will re-attract the affinities you previously had. How fast healing results are depends on how strong your intention is to move forward and anchor the benefits of the session in your life.

In the healing process following a session, changes that you decide to make may affect your day to day patterns. Sometimes these changes may seem difficult because we are adjusting to a new way of being. Shamanic healing works on various spiritual and energetic levels in combination with our own free will and choices we make in life. During this transition process I am available for calls if needed (no charge).

• Typically, how many sessions are necessary?

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Sessions typically last up to an hour and a half. During the first session, however, I spend a bit more time with my client in order to gain as much understanding as possible of the issue s/he has come to work on.

Although beneficial results can be achieved within a single session, typically 2-3 sessions may be necessary for sustained improvement. For complex issues such as psychic attacks of very deep seated issues such as trauma for instance, a series of sessions may be necessary in order to achieve release and to work on personal protection.

• What about exorcisms? Do you do that?

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I do not use the term exorcism because this implies the existence of a malevolent spirit that exists outside of us. Demons, evils spirits etc. are as real as the fear that our own psyches cultivate. When emotions such as fear, hatred, violence etc. are cultivated within us, they can become so powerful that they take on a form of their own. The demons are our own shadows; we nourish them with our thought-patterns and behaviours. Over time, we invite other thought-forms to associate with them. They can become so powerful as to gain control over an entire society. This is the collective psyche of fear and mistrust for instance, that nourishes war and terror in many countries today.

In shamanism, there is no good or bad energy. There is higher and lower vibratory states. Emotions such as fear will decrease the speed of our energy centers and over time, if not treated, will create dis-harmony. Shamanic healing aims at transforming the heavier (lower) energetic state to a higher one through an alchemical process. In my sessions, I extract psychic debris and energy intrusions; once those lower energies are removed, it is about filling the new space with higher vibratory energies.

• There are certain issues that I don't feel comfortable talking about.

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I understand. Prior to receiving a client, I create a sacred space energetically in my office by opening directions and inviting the presence of spirit allies to assist in the healing. This provides an environment of trust and support in which my client will feel at ease in.

Contrary to a psychotherapy session, a shamanic healing session does not focus on the story but rather on where the memories are stored in the energy field. By recalling an incident, the memory of the emotion is triggered in an energy center. I will simply ask you to connect to the issue and ask you where you are experiencing sensations in the body. You do not have to relate the issue to me verbally if you do not wish to.

I do encourage you however to speak about whatever you are comfortable speaking about. It is by speaking that we express and free up emotions. Over time, you will be able to see how certain issues and stories become much easier to talk about, because we have become empowered by them- as opposed to being victims of them.

• Do you work on young children?

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Yes. Young children are typically very receptive to shamanic healing because they are generally more transparent in their emotions; they do not carry as much mental baggage and societal conditioning about behaviours and conduct. Young children are very sensitive to their surroundings and tend to absorb energies surrounding them- both positive and negative. They reflect back to us as parents issues that we must be willing to work on as well. In many cases, they are actually providing to us as adults the opportunity to heal ourselves. This means that when I am working with children, I am also working on the general energy dynamic within the family.

• Do you work on the terminally ill?

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Yes. During my training at the Four Winds I have learned how to perform the Death Rites taught in the shamanic Inca tradition. For the shamans, when a person is near death, their Luminous Energy Field starts to weaken and disengage fom the physical body. This indicates that the person's spirit is ready to make the great journey home. However, several factors may make it difficult for a person to die peacefully : unresolved issues, guilt, fear, confusion etc. all contribute to making the transition to death more painful physically and emotionally. The Luminous Energy Field stays trapped onto the physical body- unwilling to let go. This prolongs suffering not only for the person dying but for loved ones too.

The Death Rites follow steps that allow for the person to come to terms with the Great Journey that lies ahead by providing a physical, emotional and spiritual guidance. Energy centers are cleansed and purified during the process. I perform the Great Death Spiral during the final moments which disengages the energy field from the physical body and allows for the spirit to journey back home peacefully.

I offer this assistance free of charge.

• I don't follow a spiritual practice. Can a shamanic healing session still be relevant for me?

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Yes. You do not need to have a spiritual practice in order to benefit from a shamanic healing session. It is about following your own inner guidance if you choose to book a session. Then it is about being receptive and open to what will come up for you. Generally speaking, the spirit is healed immediately during a session; however it can take time before the mind processes and understands this.

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