The Luminous Energy Field (LEF)

Shamans of every culture and across time understood a long time ago what modern physicists are discovering today : that the entire Universe is made up of vibration and light. Every living organism (i.e plants, animals, humans) is made of light and energy vibrating at different speeds. From the shamanic perspective, each living being has an energy field surrounding them that acts as a blueprint for creating the physical body and the mind. This means that it is the energy field surrounding us that creates and informs our physical bodies and mind. For the shaman, this energetic matrix is alive and conscious; it is where our soul resides, and where all our memories are stored : it is called the Luminous Energy Field (LEF). The LEF is basically an invisible matrix of light surrounding the physical body that contains all of our personal and ancestral memories, as well as early-life trauma.

The LEF becomes weakened as a result of toxic emotions such as pain, anger, and fear for instance. Memories of traumas stay stored at a deeper level energetically, and over time can create physical, emotional and psychological imbalances. Hence shamans believe that it is only when these toxic memories are energetically cleared and transformed within the LEF that we may begin to access higher awareness of who we really are, to remember what our life purpose is and live it with a renewed sense of confidence, radiance and joy.

Once the energetic imprints are cleared and actively transmuted to a higher vibrational frequency, we begin to re-activate our cellular memory (the DNA) towards healing and in the process unleash the power of our immune system so physical healing may occur more rapidly. As a result we become more balanced, have more energy, age more slowly, and live in harmony with our true nature and with those around us.

Sessions Offered