What is Shamanic Healing ?

According to shamans, many conditions such as depression, chronic fatigue, anxiety, addictions, digestive issues, mental disorders, chronic physical ailments, etc. are the result of a disconnection (fragmentation) that happens within the various parts of a person’s psyche. Until the pieces are energetically re-integrated, the person will continue to feel a sense of emptiness, a loss of vitality and difficulty moving forward in life.

A shamanic healing session first involves a deep clearing of karmic imprints and (often unconscious) self-defeating patterns that may have been stored for years or lifetimes. This is done through a proven ancient shamanic practice and within a very safe and sacred environment. Then, it is about energetically bringing back often forgotten pieces within the psyche that contain the highest potential for inner change. During this process, deep moments of ‘coming into awareness’ may occur. With permission, shamans can track those missing parts by accessing the chambers of the person’s psyche.

As the inner world shifts, the outer world of human relationships becomes significantly improved and blessed with meaning. We start to engage with people and loved ones from a new place, from a renewed sense of purpose and passion.

Shamanism is considered to be the oldest healing tradition in the world, and pre-dates all religious institutions. This means that shamanism is not a religion, but rather a healing approach that aims first and foremost to restore our deepest connection to our soul's journey, and re-align our path to wholeness. It is about remembering our highest purpose for being here, and re-claiming our inner strength and wisdom. Shamanic healing aims towards an alchemical transformation of the pain, suffering, sicknesses and traumas that we may experience in life, by clearing the memories stored at the energetic (and cellular) level, and transforming the heavy energies into light.