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Fluid Extractions (Intrusive Energies)

Many psychological problems are caused and may be exacerbated by intrusive energies. These are considered to be energies that we may have picked up from an unhealthy relationship with a person, from a deceased loved one who died in tragic circumstances, or an unhealthy work environment for instance. As such, they do not belong to us, but we have allowed them into our energy field and as a result, we are left feeling depleted and tired. These energies attach themselves to our LEF and can drain our life force. This can lead a person to feel out of inner balance, and a sense that something foreign to them has taken over. Often these intrusive energies do not have a malignant intent, they are coming for assistance to be released.

Intrusive energies are fluid because they stream through the LEF, and flow from chakra to chakra although they tend to feed off a particular chakra, and through it connect to the central nervous system. Some signs of the presence of an intrusive energy are symptoms of anxiety, depression, addictions, mood swings, etc.

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