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Underworld Extractions

In shamanic practice the Underworld is the place where our psyches reside, where we store core beliefs about ourselves that we have inherited throughout this life but also what has been passed on to us by our ancestors. Our DNA contains memories far beyond our current physical life and within it are contained our karmic ties and generational belief systems. Most of these beliefs were important in creating a sense of identity and belonging; sometimes however, negative beliefs were also passed on, which eventually trap us in a specific life pattern that can be destructive either physically or emotionally to us. Some of these negative beliefs translated into contracts that we unconsciously created for ourselves about how we must act in life in order to be protected.

An example of an engrained contract might be the case of incest recurring over generations whereby family members and ancestors have either been the victim of sexual abuse or perpetrators. A young girl in this family having experienced sexual abuse by her father may have inherited or created for herself a contract such as « In order to be loved, I must renounce my sexual free will ». If this contract is stored deeply at the psychic level, it will continue to re-play itself through the men that she will later meet in her life; men who may be abusive in one way or another to her.

Underworld extractions are needed in situations where we may feel stuck in a life pattern that we cannot seem to get out of (i.e same types of unhealthy relationships, with a partner or at work) ; when we experience unhealthy self image patterns that obstruct our capacity for self expression and decision-making.

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