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Soul Retrieval

Shamans across time and many parts of the world believe that the human soul is free to leave the body. This happens for instance when we fall asleep and dream. Another reason why a part of the soul will leave the body is to protect itself from potentially dangerous situations- be they emotional or physical. Soul loss can be described as a form of disassociation from our vital essence- and this state continues until we have fully integrated the experience.

In situations of trauma, abuse or a near fatal accident for example, the soul will flee at the moment of the event in order to protect itself from further suffering. Sometimes, that soul piece will find its way back to the body naturally, while at other times, it will be afraid to return because it still does not feel safe. Coma would be an extreme situation of soul loss, where more of the soul is out of the body than in.

Many people experience a form of soul loss, either as a young child or as an adult. Young children may experience soul loss if they have been abused (emotionally or sexually) or neglected. In many of these situations, the child has lost a part of his or her vital energy and has disconnected from their innate talents and gifts, and as an adult will carry a sense of emptiness in life.

In a relationship with family or with a partner for instance, this can also happen when we allow somebody else to take a part of our soul through an act of love, and unknowingly are left powerless in our own lives. Soul loss can also happen when we lose a loved one and do not have the coping mechanisms for dealing with the grief.

Symptoms of soul loss include depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, emotional shock..any form of psychological disassociation; an inability to move forward, a feeling of incompleteness which is often expressed when we hear someone say : « I lost a part of myself.. » Addictions are another sign of soul loss, when we seek external sources to fill up a void we feel within ourselves..either materially, sexually, or with food and drugs.

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